Quick Tutorial on How to Come Up with an A+ Essay

Students often make the mistake of believing that in order to write an outstanding essay, one must be born with the gift of writing – this is false. Writing is a craft that can be learned over time through diligent practice. Many students can improve dramatically over a short period of time when they apply the right strategies and mental focus. Here is a quick tutorial on how to come up with an A+ paper in any discipline:

Edit and Proofread Your Work

Again, set your work aside for a couple of days before you start making your edits and conduct a final proofreading of the document. Do each of these separately and break down each one into at least three levels: the paper, the paragraph, and the sentence. If you’ve stayed on schedule you should have some time before your deadline to have your work peer reviewed one last time.

As you can see the ideas presented by homework help site Homework Help Desk in this article aren’t necessarily difficult to follow, if taken and applied one at a time. To reiterate, writing is a process that you can absolutely master. Keep this tutorial handy and use it the next time you have an assignment. Pretty soon the process will come naturally and you will be among those students who you once believed were born with the writing gift.

PreWriting Tips

Use Excellent Time Management

The first thing you should know about writing a great assignment is that you need to apply excellent time management. Break down your assignment into several tasks to complete over the course of several days. You should get started with planning the first day you hear about your assignment and expect to get a little bit done each day.

Organize Your Working Space

A messy working space can really wreak havoc on your study efforts. You should always try your best to de-clutter your working space so that you aren’t constantly being distracted by any of the dozens of things that can keep you from working efficiently. If you don’t have the luxury of a clean working space at home, then make the effort to find a space elsewhere.

Conduct Lots of Research

Academic study has two basic levels – background search and in-depth search. The former can be done online where you can quickly find dozens of articles, summaries, abstracts, etc. to become familiar with the topic. The latter should always be done at the library where access to government and academic resources will ensure the material you site is accurate.

Organize Your Ideas and Notes

After conducting your search for materials and you have taken accurate notes, you should organize everything into related ideas to serve as your main discussion points. You can create a mind-map which can then be used to as an outline of your assignment. Keep this handy when you write the first draft so that you can quickly reference it to ensure you stay on track as your ideas flow.

Write the First Draft Quickly

Without doubt the most effective way of writing a first draft is to do so quickly and efficiently. This means not stopping to search for the perfect word or phrase to express your ideas. Just keep writing and leave the process of making corrections for a later stage.

Revise the First Draft of the Paper

We’ve stated the importance of mastering time management skills earlier in this tutorial and the main reason for this becomes apparent when you are finally at the revision stage. You should approach your revisions with a clear mind, so that you can be critical with your writing and re-think your argument so that it can be improved for greater effect.