5 Points To Discuss In Your Essay On Poverty

Almost every part of the world is experiencing rapid growth with some of their problems solved, but there are still issues humanity is yet to eradicate. Among them are cases like natural disasters, wars and poverty. In fact, most of them will continue to exist. However, while writing an essay about poverty looks simple, there are things readers or teachers are expecting you to touch on. Here are some of the points to discuss in your paper.

  1. Give a broad overview
  2. Even if you are writing an essay on causes of poverty, you still need to give an overview. Also, define the meaning of the term poverty. When giving a broad overview of the topic, you can write about its impact on the society, those affected the most and how it has given rise to other challenges the country in focus is facing such as security challenges, and malnutrition.

  3. State the origin
  4. If you are writing an essay on poverty in India, one of the things you need to discuss in your paper is how poverty originated in that region. Try to cover past incidences of poverty, the reason it existed then, and why the country is still experiencing it at this present time.

  5. Segments of the population hit by poverty the most
  6. One thing to note is; no matter the level of poverty in a country, it would not have equal negative impacts on all the segments of the society. Children or the senior citizens might be the ones affected the most. So discuss this in your paper.

    Even if you are writing a short essay on poverty, focusing on the segment hit the most would give your paper some depth. You can even take it further to debate on the impact of poverty on the various ethnic and racial segments of the country’s population.

  7. Discuss the situation in other places
  8. Depending on whether you are focusing on developed or underdeveloped countries, an essay on world poverty might be about different nations. In such cases, you need to discuss the impact on these countries, their past and present condition. You may also compare the situation of the different countries in focus.

  9. Influence of the government and politics
  10. Your discussion might take a different direction, but would not be complete without mentioning what the government has put in place to reduce or eradicate poverty. Even if you are not told to write an essay on poverty alleviation, you still need to discuss it briefly in your paper. Talk about the politics behind the whole system and impact of government policies on the living standard of the citizens.


Writing an essay on poverty in English or another different language does not matter, what counts are your points. When you touch on different areas, the graders would appreciate your work more. Poverty is one of the challenges in the world today. So your essay can provide more insight on how to tackle this global challenge. In fact, you could just be changing the world with a little effort on your research work.